PIANO PARTICLES creates a shimmering musical kaleidoscope, combining orchestra and pop into a colorful cosmos of sound. With the piano at the center of his work and his vocals radiating a hopeful warmth, he subtly overlays acoustic and electronic elements into floating songs and rousing dance tracks, often interweaving both. 

It's about mixing different elements with pluralistic pleasure. Only all the dots of color make up the whole picture.

PIANO PARTICLES celebrates all the richness of our world and the subtle in-between – anyone can dock onto his multifaceted particles, connect and realign. His curiosity fuels the fusion of diverse genre particles into ever-new sound worlds. On White, he initially focuses on exploring the piano as his musical center, while he turns more to electronic music on Blue, and spans a large orchestral arc on the upcoming album Red.

Together with artists from the fields of music, dance, theater, fashion, film and art, PIANO PARTICLES brings to life a vision of our pluralistic society in all its diverse forms of expression.

PIANO PARTICLES reveals what a monumental pull a multitude of particles can unleash, and how transparent large complex structures can sound. His music and its visual representation allow for the unknown, while everything has a place in his arrangements. And as we listen, watch and marvel, the facets of our multiple identities begin to vibrate in the most beautiful way.