In the beginning there is white – a free space, a chance, a new beginning.

The brightest of all the colors in which all other colors are contained. A clarity that carries the entire complexity of the world.
On his debut album White, PIANO PARTICLES enters this open state with deliberate awareness. His finely crafted, instantly appealing piano work virtuously interweaves a wide variety of musical elements.

White forms the nucleus of the entire cosmos of PIANO PARTICLES. His curiosity fuels the fusion of diverse genre particles into ever new sound worlds. Filled with a universal love for music, PIANO PARTICLES combines elements of chamber music and classical piano literature with sweeping melodic arcs and varying sounds.

The multidisciplinary aesthetic of PIANO PARTICLES is particularly impressive in the visualization of the opening track Aero. US artist Stephen Malinowski, who has worked with artists like Björk, has translated the music into a sensual, tangible animation in which image and sound reinforce each other.

In the beginning there is white. And from this space a stream of lines and dots unfolds. One impulse triggers the next, until the individual sounds merge into a larger context. Polyrhythmic structures move towards each other and drift apart again – just like the cloud formations that inspired PIANO PARTICLES to write Aero

sheets I

All songs are available as sheet music by Bosworth Music.
“I love it when my music takes on a life of its own. When the particles spread out in the world and form new connections.”

The theme of changing cloud particles was transferred into a three-dimensional space for the White concert tour. Designer Marc Engenhart created a red dot design award-winning arch made from 300 pieces of white paper. An airy structure with corners and edges, charged with ever new meanings through projected images. 


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The installation was used in the videos for Reel and Reflex, two corresponding compositions for piano and marimba. Written by PIANO PARTICLES for percussionist Jasmin Kolberg, these works have been performed by musicians from the US to Europe and Asia.

Reel & Reflex

While Reel is marked by a common pulse – a basic understanding between two people – in Reflex the disharmony of a relationship becomes audible in all its dynamics, and the pulse becomes driven.

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